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Claudia's grandad plays saxophone, her mama sings and plays guitar and she caught the songwriting bug too somewhere between 'Clementine' and 'Better Be Home Soon'.  Collaborating on projects from electronica to theatre to acapella, she sings with electro soul act Substax and writes folk tunes, gospel anthems, children's music, pop themes and imaginary soundtracks for musicals.

Claudia released a kids record called Little Wild Lullabies in 2016. She believes music is an incredibly powerful medium to calm little brains, increase attention spans and grow hearts and attitudes and families. Not only that, it makes people feel good - and for new parents and old hands alike - that's something that caregivers need as much as the kids do. 

She was thrilled to have been a nominee for a Tui for Best Children's Album in 2017 for this record and she is busy creating more soundtracks for the lives of little wild kids from NZ and around the world. 

Throughout 2017 Claudia is doing a series of shows at Uxbridge called Little Wild Storynights - the next one is for Halloween with the wonderful Chanelle to add to the fun and music making :) we're planning treats, carved pumpkins and more so do spread the word and bring your families along if you're in the area... 

Between now and then, there's a visit to Melbourne to spend time with family and friends and most importantly recce some performance opportunities for future festivals and tours... 

And further on the horizon, Claudia will be sharing some little wild music at the Auckland Kiddie Limits festival in March 2018!


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