80's child is full of grace

When I was ten my sisters and I learned every word of the Crowded House debut album that went number one around the world that year. Maybe it was the melody, maybe it was the words (I didn't really understand what they meant but loved them anyway), and maybe it was because our mum was in a covers band and we'd spent the last 5 years memorising songs (from Grace Jones and Laurie Anderson to Bananarama)  from her songbooks. 

These songs were in contrast to the family choir numbers we learned harmonies for at the farm. Amazing Grace. The Rose. Though we managed to get a Sinead O'Conner number into our sing a longs later along the way.

In that same year the Eurythmics album Sweet Dreams and Tracy Chapman's self titled debut LP also struck a chord in the memory banks. I got all inspired and imagined a very Pat Benatar kind of future. I don't know if my life has ever been so rock and roll again in fact, apart from the time when my high school band, which was managed by Martyn 'Bomber' Bradbury, performed 'I love Rock n Roll' at TGS Rockquest. I even got to wear Mum's white tassled  mini dress.