What does the Fox say?

APRA was hosting one of their Songwriter Speaks events. Arthur Baysting and Peter Dasent together are a writing tour de force, and I found myself uttering the words 'cool', 'cute', 'gosh' in repetition till I had to zip my mouth, embarrassed by my little kid fandom. But it really did take me back, the whole story - they started writing together in 1978 - I was all of one year old. Contemporaries of my mum and dad, and their rock and roll mates. The music Arthur and Peter were writing is part of the soundtrack I grew up on. 

My favourite moments were when Peter would put his head to one side and remember how a song went then suddenly there it was in the room, metered out on the piano with joy. And when Arthur described going out to get songs, like they were the milk and bread from the corner store... yes please, one more.

So I listened, making mental notes of songs I suddenly needed to write, right now, inspired by their tales and stories of long ago, and just the other day. I had a light bulb moment when I realised - I could keep on doing this all my life like them, and still find unexpected awesomeness to unfold just around the next corner. For they are current writers, not only reminiscing about yesteryears songs. Me and my kids delight in their material for Justine Clarke, and I dream of jumping in and singing harmonies everytime I listen :)

One day. For now I have a date with the Fox River.